Mark Villar Platform

  1. Ensure continuity of infrastructure projects and stimulate the economy which will lead to job generation (Jobs Jobs Jobs) by institutionalizing the Build Build Build (BBB) Program of the Government through legislation.

    The BBB law will provide framework for long-term integrated national and local planning, studies, and implementation of infrastructure projects.

    This law shall also focus attention on important areas in great need of infrastructure development, such as the Mindanao region.

  2. Support the amendment of pertinent provisions of Right of Way law (R.A. 10752) to ensure prompt payment of just compensation to owners of properties affected by infrastructure projects.

  3. Ensure and support benefits to all front-liners during time of pandemic including, medical or health practitioners, construction workers, public utility operators and employees, et. al. i.e. hazard pay, additional leave benefits, medical allowance and insurance.

  4. Magna carta for construction workers to guarantee the rights, promote the welfare, provide support and ensure benefits to be given to all private and government construction workers taking into consideration the peculiarity and hazards of their occupation.

  1. Support the creation, through legislation, of a “super core council” consisting of relevant executive agencies of the executive department with representatives from other branches of government to build the foundational capacity of the government to respond to a public health emergency or disaster and come up with a whole of government approach for a comprehensive pandemic health action plan and response. Such legislation will further ensure sufficient funding for scientific and technical research to prepare the government in cases of public health emergencies or to avoid the same.

  2. Construction and operation of specialized hospitals dedicated solely for scientific research and pandemic response.

  3. Ensure sufficient and regular stand-by funds for health emergency response.

  1. Institutionalize and promote the infrastructure support for farmers, i.e. farm to market roads, farm to mill roads, post-harvest facilities, and irrigation. Increase agriculture industry's capacity for better production through infrastructure.

  2. Bolster and expand construction of farm-to-market roads in Mindanao in order to effectively boost the agriculture industry therein.

  3. Timely and direct technical and/or financial support/assistance to farmers, in furtherance of poverty alleviation.

  4. Protection of farmers against risks brought about by climate change.

  1. Strengthen the IT infrastructure to make online education available to all students.

  2. Ensure the provision of complete and up-to-date facilities that would allow learning to be more conducive to all students.

  3. Provide access to a basic construction training programs.

  4. Increase access to education in rural areas through building more schools and ensuring funding for the provision of accompanying teachers and facilities.

  5. Provide free nutritious meals to elementary students in all public schools

  1. Ensure local job generation and support the provision of livelihood programs and reintegration services for returning OFWs to make overseas employment an option rather than a necessity.

  2. Increase budget for services catering to distressed workers, including free and comprehensive health services and legal assistance to OFWs.

  3. Support the expansion of digital and financial literacy programs for OFWs and their families.

  4. Conduct extensive information drive to ensure that OFWs are fully aware of and engaged with the existing programs, services, and projects of the government.

  5. Improve the protection of our OFWs against abuses by cracking down on illegal recruitment and human trafficking and ensuring the accountability of perpetrators.

  1. Support MSMEs by providing them access to flexible loans and financial support enabling MSMEs to rise up from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

VI. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  1. Protection of women and children against abuse and exploitation through support of law enforcement mechanisms for the capture of perpetrators and rescue of victims, and funding for proper rehabilitation and reintegration of victim-survivors.

  2. Ensure the provision of programs that would promote a persons-with-disabilities (PWD)-inclusive community.

    1. Legislation that would promote the integration of PWDs in employment and education.

    2. Legislation that would provide benefits to PWDs and their families.

  3. Bolstering benefits for Senior Citizens.

  4. Enacting legislation against all forms of discrimination

VII. Vulnerable Groups